Code of Conduct for Students

“Excellence is not a singular act but a habit. You are what you do repeatedly”

With this belief, a set of guidelines in the form of rules and regulations are framed for the students, which are followed by them religiously and adopted as their way of life. These guidelines act as the refining fires helping the students to emerge as confident, promising and polished individuals.
1.  All students must come to the school in time. The late comers may not be allowed to enter the school. 
2.  The bell before the assembly is a signal for the students to go to the assembly. As soon as they are back in their classes, the students should get their books and note books ready for the first period. They should also maintain perfect discipline. 
3.  Change of classroom between periods should be done in silence and in an orderly manner.
4.  Non-Sikh boys should get their hair cut at regular intervals. Colouring/ Dyeing hair and wearing of ear pins/rings is strictly prohibited.
5.  Shouting or whistling is not allowed in or around the school building. 
6.  Other than text books or library books, no books, magazines or papers should be brought to the school without prior permission of the Principal.
7.  It is not advisable to bring to school valuable articles like expensive watches, fountain pens, transistors, radios, tape recorders, camera, mobile phones or any electronic gadgets and jewelry etc. The school is not responsible for any article lost. Lending or borrowing of money or valuable articles is strictly prohibited. In case of any loss, the school will not be responsible. 
8.  Care must be taken of the school property and no one is allowed to scratch or spoil the desks and chairs or damage any school furniture, write or draw anything on the walls or in any way damage any article belonging to others.
9.  Damage done even by accident or mistake should be reported immediately to the class teacher, class captain or to the Vice-Principal/Principal.
10.  Any damage done to the school property will be made good by the concerned student together with a fine money imposed for such an offence.
11.  Any student who notices something damaged should report to the teacher even if he/she does not know who has done it.
12.  No student should bring any weapon or sharp articles to the school
13.  No student is allowed to enter/come to school on a motorcycle or scooter. Students coming to school by bicycle should refrain from double or triple riding. Students must not ride the bicycle in the school compound.
14.  Students who come to school under the care of guardians/servants/riksha pullers should never leave the school before they arrive to take them back. In case of delay, they should report to the school office.
15.  Those who commute alone must never roam around on the way but return to home straight without delay.
16.  Students are warned not to buy any eatable from the street vendors.
17.  Students should be very polite wherever they go. They should always remember that the school is judged by their behaviour and conduct. Use of abusive language/passing filthy or vulgar comments will invite stern action immediately.
18.  All students should greet their teachers whenever they meet them. No student should use any foul language against any teacher, visitor or guest of the school.
19.  The school reserves the right to terminate any student whose progress in studies is unsatisfactory or whose conduct is a bad example for other children.
20.  Bringing fireworks/bursting or extending any kind of support for exploding crackers or splashing water or colour in the school premises or outside in the vicinity of the school is strictly prohibited, even during festival time. Non-compliance of these instructions can result in expulsion from the school. 
21.  During periods no student is allowed to leave the class without valid outpass. Outing in 1st, 4th, 5th and 8th periods is not allowed. 
22.  All school appointees should wear their respective badges daily.
23.  Students must come to school in neat and clean uniform only. This rule applies even when they come to school for any purpose other than attending classes or even after school hours. Scribbling on uniform or its improper wearing is punishable. 
24.  It is compulsory for students to wear lab coat/apron during practical periods in Chemistry/H.Sc.Lab. otherwise student(s) will not be allowed to do practical and simultaneously a fine of 100/- only will be imposed. 
25. Photograph in school uniform only will be accepted for attestation, use in Identity Card or to be printed in the School Bulletin. 
26. No student is allowed to visit the canteen during the periods. 
27. For availing the services of Medical Room, a student is supposed to get written permission (except in exigency) from the concerned Subject/Class Teacher in his/her Almanac. 

28. Any kind of gathering/celebration in the classroom/canteen or anywhere in or around school campus is not allowed. 

29. The ALMANAC is to be brought to the school by the student every day. A fine 100/- (One Hundred) will be imposed for not bringing diary to school on any day. A student will be asked to change ALMANAC on tearing off any of its pages or improper maintenance. It will invite a fine of  100/- (One Hundred) for issue of new (second) ALMANAC or if ALMANAC is found without photograph of the student. Third & subsequent ALMANAC if used for loss or any other reason will invite a fine of  200/- (Two Hundred) each. 

1. Every student must have atleast 80% attendance to appear in the Half Yearly or the Annual Examination. Those who fail to fulfill this criteria will be debarred. Request from the defaulter in this regard will not be entertained. However, a prize for 100% attendance is awarded on the basis of the total attendance in an academic year. 
2. No re-examination will be held for the student who remains absent in the Half Yearly, Annual Examination, Monday Tests, F.A., S.A. or PT.  A fine of  200/- per test/examination will be imposed on such students of class XII who skip these tests or examinations. 


3. No student will be allowed to leave the school campus during the school hours. However, in case of emergency, the parent/authorised guardian as per ”Parent’s Declaration” should come to school with an application explaining the reason to take the ward.   If the Principal/Vice Principal/ Headmistress/ Headmaster is satisfied with the explanation, the ward may be allowed to go. 
4. Reported absence without granting of leave or unexplained absence for six consecutive days may result in the student’s name being struck off the rolls. Re-admission will be purely at the discretion of the Principal and that too with re-admission fee. A fine of 10/- will be charged for every unexplained absence of a student from the school.
5. A clear calendar month’s notice is required before a student is withdrawn from the school.
6. Transfer Certificate will not be issued until and unless all the dues of the school are settled.
7. A Student can be asked to leave the school on the following grounds:
(a) Indiscipline
(b) Unsatisfactory progress in work
(c) Repeated detention in the class.
8. A student failing twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue his/her studies in the school or if he/she becomes overage for that class. 
 1. Serious offences, which reflect adversely on a student’s conduct, e.g. breaking bounds, disobedience, telling lies, bunking class/assembly, creating indiscipline inside the class/ school, coming out of class without out-pass, using unfair means in examination/C.C.E./Monday tests, not wearing proper uniform, late coming to school, damaging school property, bringing any electronic device, auto vehicle, mobile phone, camera or valuable thing etc. in the school invite imposition of fine/ issuance of warning/ suspension. Use of mobile phone or camera in the school campus is strictly prohibited. 
2. Misbehavior of the student/parents with the Principal, any teaching or non-teaching staff members of the school, matter will be forwarded to disciplinary committee of the school, and decision of the committee will be final and action will be taken accordingly. The committee have the power to approach the SMC to struck-off the student’s name from the school, if found guilty on serious ground.

3. Students indulging in aggressive or very violent behavior will be dropped to and picked up from the school by their parents. They will not be permitted to travel by school bus.

4. Three warnings/ suspension may lead to the expulsion of the offending student from the school on disciplinary grounds.  A Student caught using unfair means in any Test/Examination, once fined or suspended on disciplinary ground will not be eligible for any badge/appointment in the next session. Also such students will not be allowed to attend tour/ picnic/ educational visit organized, if any, during the session as well as in the next academic session. Fined/ suspended students will not be eligible for Re-admission. Use of abusive language or passing filthy/vulgar comment will invite immediate stern action.