Words From Principal :

Dear Readers,
With the start of new session, we need to remember that each and everyone of us plays a key role in moving further to achieve our vision of Making the Difference.
The beginning of new session is a time for looking back on an accomplishment gone by. It is also a time to look forward to the work ahead. The performance of the students in academics as well as co-curricular activities has changed all of us with enthusiasm and made to think that we as a school growing. It is satisfactory to see each of us grow & thrive, question and learn in this process to “Make a Difference”.
In our attempt to reach every student and in our work to make a difference in the life of all of our students, we present a rich curriculum which is being continually updated. we differentiate instructions so that students achieve success. Our teachers’ caring attitude lead to tremendous success of the students.
It is said that success follows a predictable course, a calculated sequence of choices and it is not the only brightest people who automatically succeed. Great athletes, scientists, musicians, chess champions, computer experts all need hard work with talent & time management to help them reach at the top echelon. In other words”Practice is not the thing you do once you are good. It has to be nurtured as a habit”.
At LKPS, our shared values are based upon sincerity, integrity and mutual respect. From a foundation of leadership, we use innovation and teamwork to achieve excellence. It is a combination of building collaboration, a willingness to work extraordinarily hard and the ability to recognize opportunities that ultimately will lead to success.
We look forward to provide many different learning opportunities for our students in the time ahead. with an enthusiasm and anticipation to complete the unfinished tasks and divert momentum towards the completion of ongoing projects, we recognize the need for further strengthening of the implementation of innovative practices in each and every field.
Thanks for keeping your valuable hand with school.